A bit about me...

Hello, hello! I am a substitute teacher with Mobile County Public School Systems and a full-time student at the University of South Alabama. I am working on my Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and hope to coach volleyball in addition to teaching. I have been a wife and mother for the past twenty years. My "career" began as a soldier in the United States Army and has included such jobs as Bookeeper and Medical Office Manager. I have also volunteered with the American Red Cross and the Girl Scouts and I referee high school volleyball. I am looking forward to teaching!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Useful Technology for Teachers or Anyone

Technology is essential to teachers when proposing to instruct students of today and tomorrow. So far in my Educational Media class at the University of South Alabama, I have learned how to blog, make an iGoogle page, give a Power Point presentation, and am learning to create and utilize a personal learning network. I have also collaborated on a videopodcast and contributed to a "wiki." All of these experiences to date, and I'm sure, the technological instruction I have yet to receive, will benefit me in the classroom when I begin to teach. I need only choose how and when to implement them for the benefit of my students. Of course, any of the technology I have learned about could also be used by just about anyone. It is fun and helpful, interesting and exciting. I would suggest to anyone, teacher or not, to learn as much as possible about the technology available today.

Physical Education, Shaking It Up!

I can't wait to have my own physical education classes to teach! I have seen P.E. classes taught in both middle and high schools and, thus seeing, have decided that when I become a P.E. teacher, I want to SHAKE IT UP! I want to make my classes interesting and exciting and I want my students to learn about all aspects of physical education. I want to light a fire in their hearts to be active and healthy. I believe this can be done, but not with the curriculum I have witnessed thus far. I hope that I can achieve my goal and that my students will benefit from a physical education that is, "All Shook Up!"

Nutrition Counts - Get Them Counting

According to statistics from Anne Collins' website annecollins.com, 25% of white children and 33% of African American children were overweight in 2001. With these kind of statistics, it is easy to see that American children are eating, but not correctly for good health. Physical education teachers should make it a priority to instruct their students how to eat in a healthy manner. There are tons of resources available, such as MyPyramid.gov, that have a wealth of information for healthy eating habits. I think it will be very important to make nutrition a part of my physical education curriculum when I get to that point. I want to not only teach my students great activities that will help them be healthy, but also teach them how to eat right for their lifetimes.

Set the Example

I am thirty-nine years old, five foot three inches tall, and weigh one hundred sixty-five pounds. Due to genetics, I carry most of my weight in muscle and, therefore, do not look like I weigh what I do. I do, however, also carry an unspecified amount of body fat that is neither healthy nor desirable. It is especially not desirable, in my opinion, for a Physical Education teacher. I firmly believe that, if anyone should, P.E. teachers should practice what they preach - and they should preach good health and an active lifestyle. Americans are obese in epic numbers and need to be educated and geared towards more healthy, active lifestyles. We must start with our students to ensure healthier adults in the future and we P.E. teachers MUST set a good example. What kind of image does an overweight, inactive P.E. teacher give to kids looking for someone to emulate? Definitely the wrong one, I say. I, for one, intend to start with myself so I can give my students the right idea of how to live a healthy and active life.